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Our in-house QC team is furnished with 16 professional inspectors for the entire quality control.Different QC are designated to inspect goods from the raw material,materia cutting,on-line production, fitting and final packing.


Procedures/testing Details: 

1. The test of incoming raw materials and accessories: random test of incoming parts and one-by-one check of the main materials 
2. Group test during the production on the stitching line and semi-finished production are placed on the required storage racks.
3. Whole test of the finished goods before goods are packed and stored in the warehouse 

Besides, we also welcome the appointed third party inspetor to audit our factory or inspect the quality of production before they are shipped.
We will give best cooperaion to finish the necessary inspection or test .   In the mean time, the record for every test is carefully made for future improvement. 

Other Information 
1.    Each trivial change in the artwork is recorded 
2.    Maintenance of machines are recorded 
3.    Warehouse will keep usual necessary stocks for urgent needs
4.  We pass BSCI audition and qualify as the supplier of some customers and supermakets.



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